Gemini Construction Group - We are an interior renovation and landscaping company
Everybody dreams of the perfect home; few are privileged to make those dreams come true! When you are bestowed with
the fortunate opportunity to build your dream home, make the 
best of it by hiring Gemini Construction Group to design and
build it for you. However, if home building is not on your agenda
and you're looking for a proficient construction service to remodel, refurbish or add value to your residential and commercial spaces, you're found the right people for the job.

Welcome to Gemini Construction Group!
Gemini Construction Group has been building dream homes and remodelling residential and commercial spaces with the professional expertise of skilled designers, construction engineers and reliable workmen. We incorporate our valuable 10-year experience in this industry into every new project we undertake. Watching your dreams, your visions and our plans materialize into a constructive wonder gives us immense satisfaction.
What does our work include?
Gemini Construction Group undertakes all kinds of residential and commercial construction services. You can rely on us for a complete designing, building and remodelling job and you won't have to worry about a thing when you hire our services. The work we undertake encompasses a wide range of services such as:
  • Home Remodelling
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Basement Refurbishments
  • Bathroom Remodelling
  • Room Additions
  • Floor Repairs
  • Tiling
  • Painting
Furthermore, if you require an urgent construction repair service in your home, our efficient team will respond to you immediately, come to your aid and fix the problem you are facing.
However, it is not only your homes that get to experience the expert touch of our skilled hands. We also undertake outdoor construction services such as:
  • Front Yard and Backyard Refurbishments
  • Interlock Driveways Construction
  • Flowerbed Maintenance
  • Water Irrigation
  • High Power Washing Driveways
Gemini Construction Group also undertakes commercial construction, design, building and remodelling. We guarantee to transform your offices, stores and industries as per your requirements. We offer our assurance that you will be filled with awe and delight at the sight of our high quality work because any job done by Gemini Construction Group is a job well done.
We believe that no job is too small or big. Every client is valuable to us and therefore, we provide them with a job done on schedule at a fair price adhering to the highest levels of professionalism.
Why Have Our Customers Experienced 100% Satisfaction?
Gemini Construction Group comprises 8 professionals, each with a special skill to contribute to the company and to your valued project. We have been working with a reliable crew and we can vouch for your security because we have build strong professional ties with each other over the last 10 years.
While the end result of our efforts is simply marvellous, we also make sure that the job site is always organized and kept clean during the construction process. Our services are not limited to a particular area of work and we undertake all types of construction services for your residential and commercial spaces. You can be rest assured that whatever the job demands, we can be relied on for a high quality outcome. We also provide our clients with design plan drafting and 3D rendering so that you are involved in the construction process.
As our client, you and your project receive our 100% attention and we appreciate your valuable inputs and try our best to equally balance your vision and the reality we build.
Why Should You Choose Gemini Construction Group For Your Construction Needs?
If you aren't with your decision to hire Gemini Construction Group for your construction needs, we have 5 reasons to help you take the plunge.
1. Our 10 year rich experience
2. Our reliable crew
3. The use of high quality supplies
4. Reasonable prices with value for money
5. Outstanding customer service based on professionalism
We assure you that you will be happy sharing a healthy professional relationship with us. We guarantee to provide a high quality service, customer satisfaction and do everything in our power to meet your expectation.
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